QA Automation

Payment infrastructures and systems are undergoing constant change and requirements update all the time. Hence, there is a need to run a base set of test cases every time a new release is made. This process can be very time consuming and resource intensive.

PayCube can help its clients build automated test benches for their payment infrastructure that will help them run functional and load tests on demand with minimal resource requirements.

PayCube has the experience in using many industry standard automation tools including QTP, Selenium, JMeter and others.



Functional and Load Testing for payment systems

Payment systems are inherently complex and hence it requires in-depth knowledge of the domain to perform the functional and load testing for such systems.

PayCube has the experience in Functional Testing and Load Testing for various payment systems allowing its client to validate and test their application end to end.



Processor Certification Support

Processor certification is a complex process. Failure to get certified by a processor may lead to loss of revenue apart from direct cost of re-certification. PayCube assists its client in going through the processor certification process by doing advance planning and timely execution of the certification test scripts and test cases.



PCI Certification Support

PCI Certification involves lot more than just running test scripts. It requires complete documentation of the processes, and applications and systems. PayCube ensures that the client has all the required artifacts ready before the PCI auditor comes to audit, ensuring a very smooth and effective PCI Certification process.