Data services and analytics vertical

Paycube enables you to be a data driven enterprise that is customer centric, sustainable and dynamic. We promote a discipline that provides a consistent understanding of data entities and their relationships across the enterprise. We implement technologies that provide mechanisms for the creation and consistent use of the data in accordance with governance policies. We define and enable business practices and processes designed to accommodate, control, and manage changes in the data.

  • Enterprise Data Strategy
  • Data Platform modernization
  • Cloud Data Warehouse solutions
  • ML driven data analytics
  • Data Management implementations that include
    • Cloud and On-premise data pipelines
    • Master data management
    • Data Quality
    • Data Governance
    • Data Warehouse and Data Lake

Client Spotlight

A large North American bank wanted to unlock the value of its enterprise data to drive a customer centric business approach. This would ultimately provide a big boost to customer experience, ease of doing business with the bank, optimization of operational processes and reduce revenue leakage. They embarked on a discovery and assessment of the current state of their data ecosystem – comprising of the people, processes and technology that generated and maintained data across the enterprise. A multi-phase roadmap was created that would drive the data transformation, leading the organization to realize the true potential of its data, and achieve its business goals. A process was also established to have periodic checks on the determined roadmap, that would enable the bank to pivot based on any new priorities that may be discovered due to changing needs in the ecosystem. The bank established a Master Data Management (MDM) platform for its customer data, that provided a single view of the customer across various business units. They also created a data lake platform on cloud, that provided a landing area for all of their enterprise data. All of the data, once enhanced, would flow into EDW and their Analytics platform – to provide data for the dashboards required by business. The future roadmap would include a ML driven predictive insights into to the data, to drive business decisions. Some of the immediate tactical benefits the bank obtained as a result of this transformation was to reduce operational costs to meet data reporting requirements by about 35%. Customer experience showed a marked improvement, hence leading to an increase in transactions by existing customers, relevant and targeted cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for the bank’s products.