At PayCube , we realize the need for flexibility and nimbleness. We can modulate the Engagement model based on the nature of the project, PayCube’s role, team size, locations, etc. Fitness to Purpose is the core driver of deciding which engagement model is best suited for our customers

Below are some of the engagement models we have used thus far for projects which PayCube controls

  • Onsite – Resources are located at client site
  • Offsite – Resources are located in US at PayCube offices
  • Offshore – Resources are located in India

IT Contingent Staffing: PayCube can also provide contingent IT staff and workforce with the right skills, specifically for projects which are generally controlled and driven by our customers.

Onsite and offsite Engagement for Strategy & Deployment

Strategy engagements require very high interaction with the client stakeholders. For such engagements, PayCube recommends using onsite and offsite resources for the duration of the project or the phase.

The same is true for deployment stages where being co-located with the technical team of the client moves things much faster and eliminates any potential communication gaps.

Blended onsite/offshore engagement model for application build outs


Generally, basic application development can be managed well with a blended engagement mode. Such teams have about 10-30% of the team onsite and the rest at offshore. The Offshore team performs under the guidance of the onsite team. While bringing down the general cost of the engagement, it still reduces the risk profile of the projects.

For projects with very clear requirements definitions in the form of systems specifications, it is possible to use a full offshore development model. The Offshore PMO communicates with the client directly from offshore If a strategy and FRD stage of the project is done at onsite and is fully documented, then full offshore model may be selected for development and build out phase.


QA Automation

IT Skills are diverse and the nature of technology initiatives can warrant the need for short or long term skills which might not exist within a customer’s current environment. PayCube participates closely with its customers to fill these gaps in terms of staff augmentation and contingent workforce management.

PayCube's services span the entire spectrum of technologies related to transaction acquiring, management and processing. Hence, our customer's would typically include organizations that touch consumer transactions directly or indirectly and want to augment or add functionality to their current offerings:



Processors, Gateways and ISOs


Startups, ISVs & Product Vendors involved in emerging payments and cross channel payment integration


Retail – Brick & Mortar and ecommerce


Loyalty Processors and Program Managers


Promotion Processors and aggregators


Card Issuers and Program managers